Mechanical LED sculpture

This was made for Roca's stand at the 2008 100% Design exhibition in Earls Court.
A large team of very talented engineers worked hard to make this - I played a small
part by making a few components and helping with the general assembly.
The sculpture was constructed at the workshop of 2D3D Ltd in Park Royal.

The mechanism consisted of a series of concentric 'scissor lifts' operated by cams

A mould was constructed to create a rubber sheet to hold the carbon fibre rods

Steel rods were temporarily used to align the collars whilst the rubber set

A specially constructed stand was used to safely lift the sheet from the mould

Just some of the individually wired LEDs on the end of their rods

The rubber sheet is placed over the scissor lift mechanism

Hundreds of rods are slotted into place and wired together

Once the rods were in place, black felt was used to hide the mechanism

The final LED water drop sculpture