Owl Theremin

This was commissioned by Scott Williams, who got in touch to express his love of both owls and theremins. Surely the two could be combined somehow?

A few drawings were developed, and then a meeting was arranged in the Morgan Arms. Scott was easy to identify, being the only chap carrying an owl. The final unit consisted of a geometric timber log on a steel stand, a classic analogue pitch & volume theremin, and a motorised system to raise the owl from within the casing.

If you would like a theremin, contact dave@ [this website]

The images below show the casing removed. The theremin is in fact an excellent PAiA Theremax, the same as used for the Badgermin. The owl rests on a sliding carriage, which can slide along four vertical bars fixed inside the log. When the motor is turned on a winch mechanism winds a length of sash cord, which loops over the top of a second pulley, which in turn lifts up the sliding carriage. When the carriage reaches the top, a limit switch is automatically pressed, switching off the motor. For the owl to descend, the owl activation switch is flipped once more, reversing the polarity of the motor, allowing the carriage to be lowered down onto another limit switch.

The electrodes (yes, electrodes, not antennae) disconnect for ease of transportation, and the lower half of the stand can be unbolted. The owl variety is a Southern Boobook.


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